Clay Stoneware

Botanica Vase – White Ochre


Bring a natural look to your space with this beautiful white ochre vintage ceramic vase. This special retro glaze was originally designed in the 1970s and has been revived so we can relive its beauty again.

With its subtle curves, streamlined design and nature-inspired tones, this handcrafted vase is simple and stunning. Using unique mottled glazes that are variegated, they have character with speckles, runs and splashes.

Each piece is crafted by the hands of skilled makers, with the reactive glaze surface being created when two colours are layered in a double-dipping process. The reaction varies from piece to piece, depending on the glaze technician and the location on the kiln during firing. The result is bespoke pieces making each creation truly unique and special.

Organic and simple, this timeless quality piece will last a lifetime.

*Please note: The process of 'handmade' means product sizes and colours will vary between pieces.

  • Stoneware clay body twice fired for added strength and to resist moisture
  • Hand-glazed high-gloss finish
SIZE Height 17cm, top diameter 11.5cm
USE Dishwasher safe


Designed in Australia. Made in Australia
MAKER Robert Gordon
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WARRANTY 1 year on construction and materials


Still Making Since 1945

From humble beginnings in a tin shed on the outskirts of Gembrook, Robert Gordon Australia now operates as Australia's largest production pottery.

A lot has changed since 1945 when Robert's mum and dad would once turn plates, pots and bowls on their wheel. These days much is still handmade, it's just the techniques have changed to cater for large runs. A thrower's wheel, once a main tool for making, has now been replaced with a ram press, plate spinning machines or slip casting moulds. Yet even with all these advances, the process is touched by many hands.

On average the production of a single plate will pass through the hands of at least 12 skilled workers.


From initial sculpting by their Italian born mould maker, to the production of bisque, fettling, glazing and kiln firing, it is a fully dedicated team process.

What makes Robert Gordon Australia unique has been the ability to operate as a fully functioning pottery over the past 75 years, spanning three generations and employing over 40 people. A testament to Australian pottery. A testament to a family run business and an age-old craft.


Robert Gordon has gone from supplying wares to Sunday tourists at the St Kilda markets, to providing some of the world’s most reputable retailers and restaurants with quality ceramics. The early years spent as a studio pottery means they still place enormous importance on the craft of pottery.

Their product is built to last a lifetime. Forever to be enjoyed and adored.


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