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Everyday life can feel demanding, overwhelming, even chaotic. Catching up with those closest to you can feel rushed in today's fast-paced world where being busy has become a status symbol.
Parenting has become competitive, our lives are being curated away on social media, and we feel lonelier and less connected than ever.

Like many of us, we got caught up in the busyness of life – building a career, buying a bigger house, getting married, starting a family – when one day it struck us, why were we doing all of this? We needed to reclaim our time, our links to community and simplify our lives. Our goal has always been to 'live a good life', but what did that mean.

The last 10 years have been about an inward journey to discover what really matters, and figure out what we wanted out of life. Of course, we did build a bigger house, start a family – but I (Lisa) walked away from a demanding career to create a business that matched what mattered to us and was founded on integrity.

That's when Coco & Henry came along.

We're homebodies, love well-made beautiful things that tell a story. Our garden regenerates us, and life wouldn't be what it is without the people we love. This is not unique to us. We're all seeking the same things in the end in our quest for happiness – even though the path to get there may be different. The way we express ourselves is different, but it's about the simple things that lead us to home within ourselves.

Our home tells our story. From the everyday items, to the special pieces filled with memory, our home is a reflection of who we are, who lives here, and how we live. With Coco & Henry we want to create and curate items that are worthy of being part of your story.

Quality products that are unique, beautiful, practical and founded on integrity. Products designed to last – either because they are durable, or simply because we don't want to live without them. That vase you love because of the colours it casts when the sun hits it, the perfect cushion you always grab when watching a movie on the couch, or the ultra-soft bedding that you sink into every night that makes you say 'ah, yes'.

At the end of the day, we're no different to you, we all want to live a good life – whatever that looks like. We hope you find something here that you love.

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