Sustainable by design

Coco & Henry was founded on the belief that we should never have to compromise the health and wellbeing of ourselves, other people and the planet.

We find and create quality sustainable products that are unique, beautiful, practical and founded on integrity.

Products designed to last – either because they are durable, or simply because we don't want to live without them. 

This is no ordinary bedding

Made with 100% certified organic cotton, transparent manufacturing processes from raw product to finished item (in both human and environmental impact, and ethical treatment of workers), we can sleep well at night knowing we're doing what we can to make a positive difference.

Early morning light cast upon a field of cotton

Highest level of organic certification

Made using the finest long-staple cotton, our bedding meets the highest global organic standards (GOTS) – grown sustainably and made protecting the environment and you.

We proudly support small-scale family farmers who hand-harvest our organically grown cotton.

Learn more about GOTS

Ethical & equal opportunity

Our knitters, dyers and sewers work within a second-generation family-owned facility, and are looked after according to Fairtrade standards such as fair prices, living wages and gender equality.

This gives them the opportunity to take their future into their own hands. With that in mind, we can all sleep better.

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Like-minded partners

It makes sense that we want to partner with like-minded brands doing what they can to provide sustainable, well-designed, well-made homewares.

Our partners Hubsch and Robert Gordon embody this whether it be with Oeko-Tex certified throws and cushions, or Australian handmade pottery using locally sourced clay.

Learn more about Oeko-Tex

  • Fabric off-cuts for packaging

    Nothing goes to waste making our bedding.

  • Compostable shipping bags

    Made from mostly plant based materials – no plastic in sight.

  • FSC Certified boxes & packaging

    From responsibly managed forests.

  • 100% carbon neutral delivery

    Offsetting via projects like forest regeneration and beekeeping.

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